Film workshop - documentary

The house
and the world

with: Catarina Mourão

29jul to1aug

catarina mourão

The house
and the world

In this workshop I will share my creative process of filmmaking. What I have learned in the last 25 years, what still haunts me, what continues to worry me. It is essentially a work in the microcosm of the family, the house and the street. It feels like we travel to what is familiar and yet we find strangeness and new stories beyond our comfort zone. Each of my films triggered a different challenge.

It is from these challenges that I will encourage participants to work on a practical exercise that will reflect their personal voice and approach and that could contain the seed of a future cinematographic project.

Catarina Mourão

29 jul . Monday

14:00 16:30

1st session

What is documentary in the contemporary world of images?
Making a statement about human life through cinema.
Different approaches to reality. Filming the conflict.
Capturing improvisation, uncontrolled events .

Out of Water (1998)

A minha aldeia já não mora aqui (2005)

Escola Secundária de Melgaço

30 jul . Tuseday

10h00 12h30 > 14h00 16h30

2nd session

Different strategies for a portrait. Filming the other.
Postcolonial Issues

The Lady of Chandor (1998)

Through Shadows (2010)

Escola Secundária de Melgaço

31 jul . Wednesday

10h00 12h30 > 14h00 16h30

3rd session

Mise scène in Documentary – Realism and Construction of naturalism.
Portraits of a city.

Restless (2001)

On Edge (2006)

Escola Secundária de Melgaço

01 aug . Thursday

10h00 13h30

4th session

Film rehearsal and first-person cinema
Films that work the memory
Working with archives
Working with different temporalities
"Writing" the film from research notes

The Hissing of Summer Sands (2019)

The Wolf's Lair (2015)

Escola Secundária de Melgaço


Price: 200€


Price without accommodation: 150€


Registration must be completed until July 25th. Places are limited and registrations will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.



Workshop participants who wish to extend their stay and participate in the MDOC and Hop to Melgaço sessions can benefit from special conditions:

1 pax - 50€/day, with hotel (single room) and meals

2 pax - 75€/day, with hotel (double room) and meals

All Interested parties must indicate said intention on the registration form.

Catarina Mourão

Catarina Mourão studied Music, Law and Film in Bristol and Edinburgh. In 1998 she founded AporDOC, Portuguese Documentary Association. Since 1998 she has been teaching Film and Documentary in many BA and MA courses. With Catarina Alves Costa she started Laranja Azul in 2000, an independent production company for creative documentary and visual arts in Lisbon where she has directed many awarded films. In 2016 she obtained her PhD in Film by the University of Edinburgh. Her PhD film “A Toca do Lobo” (The Wolf’s Lair) was released theatrically all over Portugal and premiered at Rotterdam Int. Film Festival. Her main areas of research are creative documentary; realism; memory, dream and archives. She is currently teaching film at the MA of Arts and Multimedia at Lisbon’s Fine Art School.

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