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Photography Residency


fora de campo © João Baptista

photography project

Plano Frontal_Photography Residency will be happening in Melgaço between July 28 and August 6, 2023, alongside MDOC - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival. The purpose of this photography residency is to contribute for an archive about Melgaço, to provide Espaço Memória e Fronteira with works that reflect the region and to promote photography and the appearance of new photographers.

Three young photographers will direct, for a week, a project about local themes, yet to be proposed.

Plano Frontal_Photography Residency’s main targets are senior students on their final year attending higher education courses in Photography or that have recently completed their education. The participants will be selected through application analysis and oriented by Pedro Sena Nunes, a director/tutor with a large professional and pedagogical experience.

All work will be framed and supported by a production team and a technical team formed by Carlos Eduardo Viana, Rui Ramos and João Gigante.

It addresses all those people willing to live through a unique experience, whose objective is to produce a photography project and to participate in the festival's activities.

The organization committee will guarantee free room and board, from July 28 until August 6 2023, to the three selected candidates and will provide logistic support for the teams to travel to shooting locations.
Each selected candidate will have to guarantee his own traveling, to and from Melgaço.

Entry is free.

Submissions for Frontal Shot 2023 are closed.

Regulation . Photography Residency


pedro sena nunes

Sena Nunes

Director / Tutor

Director, cultural programmer and teacher in the fields of artistic creation, documentary and experimental film. Directed several films with the support of ICA / RTP - documentaries, fiction and advertising spots. Developed author photographic projects. Co-artistic director of Vo'Arte and co-founder of the Teatro Meridional Company, he is a consultant and coordinator of several national and international cultural projects. Integrated team member of European projects Fragile, Unlimited and European Video Dance Heritage (EVDH). Co-director of the International Festivals InShadow, InArte and InMotion in the areas of cinema, photography, dance and performance, and is a programmer at Olhares Frontais, a project that has been part of the Encontros de Viana Film Festival for 20 years, where he also coordinates the Histórias da Praça project. He collaborated in the design of the Filmes do Homem Festival, currently MDOC, where he is responsible for the Plano Frontal Residence. His artistic project focuses increasingly in a practice with a social dimension through the intersection of everyone with everyone, interpreters with multi-deficiency and professional artists. For the last 27 years he has been intensely dedicated to the pedagogical area, directing laboratories dedicated to experimentation and innovation, both documentary and fictional. Teaches in the areas of filmmaking, transdisciplinary narratives and the relationship between performance and technologies at ESTAL, IPA, SOU and EscreverEscrever. Teacher at the Documentary Film Masters’ degree from ESMAE (Porto) for 12 years and teaching coordinator at ETIC for 18 years, where he was creative director, and cooperated in the implementation of the new HND courses certified by the world's largest educational entity: Pearson. Orchestrator and director of several theatrical, choreographic and performative projects, he has been awarded numerous times for his cinematographic, photographic and transdisciplinary works in Portugal and abroad. Co-creator of the project Generation Soma, supported by the PARTIS Program - Social integration through artistic practices, from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Lisbon (UL) in performing arts and moving image, an investigator at GECAPA in the experimental areas of intersection between body and image. He finished his last film "Four Seasons and Autumn" and is preparing "A sea of sky".