Frontal Shot

Film Residency


  1. Regulations

    Frontal Shot is a FILM RESIDENCY happening in Melgaço, between july 26 and august 4, 2024, alongside MDOC - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival, organized by the Melgaço Municipality and the AO NORTE association.

  2. Objectives

    Its main purposes are:

    1. To promote documentary film and the emergence of new technical and artistic teams;
    2. To contribute for an audiovisual archive about Melgaço and its municipality, by providing espaço Memória e Fronteira with documentaries about the immaterial heritage of the region

  3. Addressed to

    Plano Frontal's main targets are senior students on their final year attending higher education courses in audiovisuals and cinema or that have recently completed their education.It addresses all those people willing to live through the experience of directing a documentar film and participating, with the support of a professional team and through discussion and image viewing, in the projects made by other groups.

  4. Orientation

    Pedro Sena Nunes will be the director / tutor, with extensive professional and pedagogical experience, to guide the directing of documentaries, coordinate the work planning and provide a systematic reflection on the daily work. He will be supported by a technical and operational team, coordinated by Carlos Eduardo Viana.

  5. Films and theme

    During this film residency, four teams, formed by a director, cameraman and a sound technician, wherein one of the members will also support editing, will direct four documentaries.The themes for the films will be decided between the teams and the project’s coordinating team.

  6. Methodology

    It is intended to make known the research and pre-production process, through the description of the procedures adopted during this phase. Mention should be made of the type of approach made to local people or experts who can serve as sources of information and what was the intention in selecting these stakeholders.

    The schedule will be established by the director / tutor, with the production, depending on the development of the shooting of the various groups.

  7. Selection

    The participants in Plano Frontal will be selected through application analysis. the application must come from a group of three highly motivated people, who will select amongst themselves the director, cameraman and sound technician, and wherein one of the team members might have to take responsibility for the treatment, identification and selection of equipment during the shooting phase.

  8. Filming equipment

    Each team will have at their disposal:
    Camera, Tripod, Boom pole, Microphone, Headphone, Audio recorder, ledgo bi color illuminator with tripod, wireless lavalier.

  9. Support

    The organization committee will guarantee free room and board, from july 26 until august 4, to the twelve selected candidates and will provide logistic support for the teams to travel to shooting locations. Each selected candidate will have to guarantee his own traveling, to and from Melgaço.

  10. Timing

    From July 26 to August 4 2024.

  11. Editing

    Editing will be made after the end of Plano Frontal. Each team, in a scheme to be arranged, depending on its constitution and geographical location, will initiate a structural drawing. The idea is for the presence in each group of at least one ele-ment that is proficient with editing software and can prepare a first rough cut outside the context of the film residency. We will also have editing suggestions for a collective discussion back in Melgaço. later on, we will start planning the support mechanisms to the final versions. Support will be offered in the shape of a field professional following the activities. There will be some rules in relation to opening credits, logos and the organization of graphic information.

  12. Legal rights

    The works will become part of the collection of Espaço Memória e Fronteira. The organization committee of MDOC - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival, as mentor and producer, will reserve the right to use this material, wherein it holds the distribution rights.

    The teams must notify the organization of its intentions of screening the films. The publishing of results on line is the responsibility of the organization.

  13. AO NORTE team

    General coordination – Carlos Eduardo Viana

    Production director – Rui Ramos

    Tutor – Pedro Sena Nunes

    Tutor Assistent – João Gigante

    Executive producer – João Peixoto

    Technical support – Miguel Arieira, Daniel Deira