Frontal Shot


Documentaries made
at the film residency

Premier on august 1st 22:00
at Casa da Cultura de Melgaço

The inverneira of pontes A inverneira de pontes

Luís Miguel Pereira | Portugal, 2022, 14'



The Inverneira of Pontes is abandoned, dominated by nature and in decay. However, Mr. Manuel, who spent his childhood there, decides to thin out and rebuild the village while telling us stories about the people who brought this place to life. In this village, the past is remembered, whilst building the future.

  • Photography: Thiago Cavalheiro
  • Sound: Salomé de Seixas
  • Editing: Thiago Cavalheiro
  • Animação: Luís Miguel Pereira
mdoc festival
Biografia do Grupo

Salomé, Thiago and Luís met in Covilhã while attending their degree in Cinema at the University of Beira Interior. Within the course, they specialized, respectively, in Sound, Editing and Photography. In 2021, they collaborated for the first time on a short film, in their final course project, "Alexandria" - a fiction short film directed and written by Luís and Thiago, with sound by Salomé. So far, the short has participated in the Sophia Student Awards, Festival Mental, and Leiria Film Fest.


Beatriz Walviesse Dias | Portugal, 2022, 16'



Portelinha, August 2022. Amongst the inks and paints and more than 500 love letters, the story of Nelo and Paula was written and rewritten between various destinations and addresses, until the brushstrokes of life took the couple to Portelinha in Castro Laboreiro. Almost 30 years later, the present rescues the memories of the past, in a declaration of love for art, written in fresh ink. With love, AluPolen

  • Image: Carolina Pereira
  • Sound: Maria Inês Lima
mdoc festival
Biografia do Grupo

Beatriz, Carolina and Inês met in the Masters degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia at UMinho. Beatriz Walviesse Dias has a degree in Communication Sciences - Journalism and is doing a professional internship at the digital narrative journalism magazine DIVERGENTE, in the field of multimedia journalism. Carolina Pereira finished her course in Cinema and is currently in a professional internship at the Portuguese production company Kinéma, where she works in the production field. Maria Inês Lima has a degree in New Communication Technologies and recently finished her internship experience at RTP.

Until dawan Até ao amanhecer

J. L. Peixoto, Henrique Queirós, Sebastião Guimarães | Portugal, 2022, 16'


Até ao amanhecer

Melgaço, alongside with other cities and towns in the Alto Minho like Monção and Valença, was a point of reference for nightlife in Northern Portugal. Pegaso and KU were among some of the most important meeting places in Melgaço, in the 70's throughout the 90's. Today, the scenario is different. Apart from Sorriso, with a notable decline in the number of customers, all the night clubs ended up either closed or abandoned. Through the point of view of DJs, employees and managers of these establishments, we explore the current nightlife of Melgaço and the changes that have taken place since its heyday, at the end of the last century.

  • Image: Sebastião Guimarães
  • Sound: Henrique Queirós
  • Editing: J. L. Peixoto
  • With: Gonçalves, Filipe Carvalho, João Gonçalves, Jorge Marçoa, Leonel Pires, Paulo Esteves, Samuel Silva
mdoc festival
Biografia do Grupo

Henrique, José and Sebastião graduated in Audiovisual Communication Technology at ESMAD. Henrique proceeded to a Masters in Production and Directing, José completed a Post-Graduation in Screenwriting and Sebastião gained a vast experience in Film and Television. Their cooperation was born in the short film "Troca por Troca", which garnered nominations at festivals such as the Sophia Student Awards, Caminhos do Cinema Português, YMOTION, among others. They are currently involved in the production of the short film "Fotofóbico", written by José.

Cristóval - Pontebarxas

Alexandra Guimarães, Gonçalo L. Almeida | Portugal, 2022, 16'


Cristóval - Pontebarxas

The closing of the borders enacted due to the pandemic has separated populations that had long lived as one, pushing men and women to return using the old contraband crossing points.

  • Imagem e montagem: Gonçalo L. Almeida
  • Sound: Manuel Prata
mdoc festival
Biografia do Grupo

Alexandra Guimarães, Gonçalo L. Almeida and Manuel Prata finished their degree in Cinema and Audiovisual at ESAP in 2020. The three have worked as freelancers in audiovisual, film and television. Alexandra and Gonçalo have worked mainly in film direction and production and their final year film, a co-direction, was on show at festivals such as Curtas Vila do Conde, FEST, Caminhos do Cinema Português, Porto/Post/ Doc, among other national and international festivals.