Land of crosses Terra das cruzes

João Salgueiro Baptista

There is a sense of historical austerity when it comes to living in Melgaço and its territory. A border region with neighboring Spain, but in which both peoples share much more with each other and their daily lives than with their own distant state capitals. Among the mountains and the rigorous weather of this region, there are still several incredibly remote villages, frozen in another generation, until the present with remnants of what was the ancient tradition, and the dedication to the hard work of the land, cultivation and livestock.

  • Date: 1st August / 16th October 2022
  • Local: Casa da Cultura de Melgaço
joão salgueiro baptista
João Salgueiro Baptista

Degree in Fine Arts in the field of Sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto in 2016. Master in Artistic Photography from the Instituto de Produção Cultural e Imagem do Porto in 2021. Founding member of Atelier Caldeiras, where he develops his work and cooperates in exhibitions and co-creations. Multidisciplinary artist with a wide range of interests and knowledge. He exhibits mostly in the city of Porto.