Um mundo que fala ao teu ouvido

Projects developed during the photograph residency FRONTAL SHOT 2022

by Joana Dionísio

Superstitions, legends and myths are an undeniable part of our common culture and are usually found rooted in rural areas where people live in deep connection with the natural world.
In the northernmost municipality of Portugal, between Minho and the mountains, there is an area where history and legends merge. Melgaço is a space with a strong cultural identity, recognized for its folklore, where there are two elements that are almost always related, water and the feminine.
From voice to voice these narratives span centuries, men die but they remain.

OPENING – July 31 - 21:00h

  • Date: July 31 to September 14
  • Local: Casa da Cultura de Melgaço
mdoc um mundo que fala ao teu ouvido
joana dionísio

Joana Dionísio

Born in 1993. Graduated in TCAV by ESMAD and in 2021 completed the Master in Artistic and Documentary Photography at IPCI. In 2022 she was selected by GUP Magazine for the book Fresh Eys and in 2023 she was selected by the Porto Photography Biennale to be part of the Futures platform. Time, memory, and mortality are the matrix of her work, which seeks to explore how the human being deals with his mortal condition.