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salto a melgaço

Hop to Melgaço


During the sixties thousands of Portuguese people emigrated to France "on the hop", such was the name of the clandestine journey of those looking for a new destination.

We propose that you take, not a bumpy ride like the ones from that era, but a leap to Melgaço on the 3th and 4th of August, and share with us the program we have prepared as part of MDOC - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival.


03 August . Saturday

Hour Activity Location
09h30 Reception to all participants Casa da Cultura
10h00 Visit to Photography Exhibition THOSE WHO STAY, with João Gigante OVER THERE, WHERE THE EXTREMES MEET, Luís Miguel Portela Casa da Cultura
10h30 Screening films Running for the Jean Loup Passek Award

DECLIVE (Slope) Eduardo Brito | Portugal, 2018, 7' FORDLANDIA MALAISE Susana Sousa Dias | Portugal, 2019, 40' TIO TOMÁS, A CONTABILIDADE DOS DIAS (Uncle Thomas, Accounting For The Days) Regina Pessoa | Portugal, 2019, 13' DER PATRIOT (The Patriot) Katja Fedulova | Germany, 2018, 30'
Casa da Cultura
12h30 Lunch -
14h30 Visit to Exhibitions of Photography Residency PLANO FRONTAL SHOT 2018

EXTRACORPÓREO, Sofia Espada DETACHMENT, Clara Araújo Visit to Memória e Fronteira Museum
Praça da República / Espaço Memória e Fronteira
16h00 Screening films Running for the Jean Loup Passek Award

PEOPLE OF THE WASTELAND Heba Khaled | Syrian Arab Republic, 2018, 21'
Casa da Cultura
16h30 MY RUSSIAN SPRING Xenia Sigalova | Germany, 2018, 79' Casa da Cultura
18h00 CAMPO Tiago Hespanha | Portugal, 2019, 100' Casa da Cultura
20h00 DINNER -
21h30 Screening films Running for the Jean Loup Passek Award

WASH ME PLEASE Ali Nikfar, Saeed Mayahy | Iran, 2018, 6' THE WAR ON MY PHONE Elke Sasse | Germany / Switzerland, 2018, 90'
Casa da Cultura

04 August . Sunday

Hour Activity Location
10h30 Special Session . Guest Films

20 years Short Film Agency Session presented by Eduardo Brito

CINEMA Rodrigo Areias | Portugal, 2014, 9'38'' CIDADE PEQUENA(Small Town) Diogo Costa Amarante | Portugal, 2016, 19' SINAIS DE SERENIDADE POR COISAS SEM SENTIDO (Signs Of Stillness Out Of Meaningless Things) Sandro Aguilar | Portugal, 2012, 28'
Auditório da Porta de Lamas de Mouro
13h00 Lunch -
14h30 Visit Exhibition WHO ARE WE HERE between pathways Junta de Freguesia de Prado e Remoães
16h00 Screening films Running for the Jean Loup Passek Award

TINY SOULS Dina Naser | Jordan / Qatar / France, 2019, 85'
Casa da Cultura
17h45 Screening films Running for the Jean Loup Passek Award

BY THE NAME OF TANIA Mary Jimenez, Bénédicte Liénard | Belgium, 2019, 85'
Casa da Cultura
19h15 Jean Loup Passek Award ceremony Casa da Cultura
20h00 DINNER -
21h30 Visit to the Exhibition "120x160" Museu de Cinema de Melgaço - Jean Loup Passek

Guest Film

MENINA Cristina Pinheiro | France, 2017, 100'
Torre do Castelo

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Note - Travel between the different locations will be ensured by bus.