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Nídia Nascimento | Portugal, 2021, 35'

The breadth and physiographic diversity that characterize the Melgaço border offered multiple possibilities of passage during the time of smuggling and immigration by leaps and hops. And it is in this mythical place that the roots of a multifaceted artist are born. Madalena Lima infects us with her intelligent, expressive and ironic way of being. Her work celebrates traditions and opportunities, as well as revealing contradictions and weaknesses, experimenting with new techniques without neglecting the concept. By telling her story, we enter into symbiosis with the landmarks that imprint a unique identity to this land in Minho.

  • Cast: Madalena Lima
  • Photography: Lucas Fidalgo, Nídia Nascimento
  • Sound: Paulo Duarte
  • Collaboration: Hugo Sousa
  • Editing: Nídia Nascimento
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Group Biography
Lucas Fidalgo, Nídia Nascimento and Paulo Duarte met while filming the short film "Horizonte Artificial" in Coimbra. Some sort of synergy developed between them, leading to a search for more opportunities in the field of Cinema. With Lucas responsible for image, Nídia directing and Paulo working the sound, fate dictated that they would reunite together again at the MDOC Film Residency. This team was also joined by Hugo Sousa from Residência de Fotografia, who felt that group synergy, and accepted the proposal to be the team’s assistant.


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Filipe Nunes Branco e Inês T. Alves | Portugal, 2021, 28'

Daniela's hot summer days are occupied frolicking with her friend, in games which suggest those from a time not so distant from when they were children. From the poetic diary of grandma Gininha, moments in the life of granddaughter Daniela are remembered, as they both try to overcome the temporal distance that separates them. The portrait of an ever-changing rurality, filled with memories involved by contemporary ways of life.

  • Cast: Virgínia Gonçalves, Daniela Gonçalves e Juliana Pires
  • Photography: Inês T. Alves
  • Sound: Filipe Nunes Branco
  • Editing: Filipe Nunes Branco e Inês T. Alves
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Group Biography
Inês T. Alves studied Cultural Narratives and Documentary Film at the University of the Arts London (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Scholarship). Her latest short documentary, Around Corners, won the New Cinema Award in Porto/Post/Doc Festival. Filipe Nunes Branco has dedicated himself to ethnographic and experimental cinema. He’s been developing his films independently and his latest film “Life out there as it been seen?” premiered at Visions du Réel 2018.


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Kopal Joshy | Portugal, 2021, 12'

Linha fluida is an oral recollection of one of the many stories witnessed at Rio Minho in the wake of the harsh period of the dictatorship in Portugal.

  • Photography: Pedro Mibielli
  • Sound | Editor | Sound Mixer: José Bica
  • Editing: Kopal Joshy
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Group Biography
Kopal Joshy, Indian filmmaker and director of photography, born in 1993, graduated in digital video production at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in India (2015) and finished her Masters in documentary filmmaking DocNomads (Erasmus Mundus) in Portugal , Hungary and Belgium (2018). Having directed several films during her career in the field of cinema, she is currently completing her first feature-length documentary "We Are Two Abysses", a co-production with Terratreme Filmes.
José Bica, Portuguese sound engineer and musician born in 1989, graduated in Science and Sound Technologies (2015) from Universidade Lusófona de Lisboa - Humanities and Technologies and completed his Masters in Musical Arts (2017) from Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. Specializing in immersive sound spaces, he has been actively working in film, television and streaming, sound and music for moving images.
Pedro Peruzzo Mibielli, was born in Porto Alegre (Brazil) in 1994, currently lives in Lisbon and studied Film and Television at ETIC - School of Innovation and Creation Technologies. His work as a filmmaker focuses on making documentary cinema.


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Sérgio Ferreira | Portugal, 2021, 15'

At the heart of the Melgaço community, rooted in the past by its traditions, handed down from generation to generation, a contemporary adversity emerges. In the resistance against climate change, one experiences the ambition of a vineyard, planted at such a height never reached before, in an inhospitable place, but with a taste of hope.

  • Cast: Miguel e Flávio
  • Director of Photography: Rodrigo Oliveira
  • Editing: Sérgio Ferreira, Rodrigo Oliveira, António Gonçalves
  • Sound: António Gonçalves
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Group Biography
Sérgio, António and Rodrigo met at ETIC. Sérgio Ferreira completed the course in Directing and currently attends the Superior School of Theater and Cinema, in the field of Editing. Rodrigo Oliveira finished his video editing course and now works in film and video, documentary and video post-production. António Gonçalves also completed the course in video editing and currently works mostly in animation and documentary. Despite having attended different courses at ETIC, the three collaborated on the documentary short film Terra Fértil, later submitted to the Caminhos Film Festival, in Coimbra, and the Encontros de Cinema festival, in Viana do Castelo.