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mdoc filmes do homem


Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival

Looking at the world in MELGAÇO

The MDOC - Melgaço International Documentary Festival is a space that invites you to share films and points of view, to look at and think about the world, to debate research projects and digital narratives and to reflect on people and the territory.

In this sixth edition, we can add to the Official Jury of the Jean Loup Passek Award, composed by Alexandra Wesolowski, Iman Behrouzi, Maria Pinto Martin, Sandra Regina Chaves Nunes and Tiago Baptista, the Jury of the International Federation of Film clubs - Mónica Ferreira, Trond Leirvik Onarheim and Konrad Domaszewski - who will award the Don Quijote Prize.

Pedro Sena Nunes directs a new cinematographic and photographic residency and will present the documentaries and photographic projects undertaken in the previous Frontal Shot.

The Off the Screen Summer Course, coordinated by José da Silva Ribeiro, focuses on the general theme of the Festival and, this year, will address Contemporary Narratives.

The third edition of the Kino Meeting, coordinated by Patrícia Nogueira, brings together institutions and specialists in cinema literacy and will reflect on the archives as elements of construction of history and memory, as raw material for the construction of narratives in an educational context.

The Project Who Are We Here? coordinated by Álvaro Domingues, reflects on the multiple intersections that are to be found within the local landscapes, places and cultures in the municipality of Melgaço and is dedicated this year to the parishes of Prado and Remoães. It presents the exhibition Those Who Stay, by João Gigante, and an exhibition commissioned by Daniel Maciel and produced from family albums. Under the similar project carried out in 2018, a publication and a new exhibition will be presented based on family photographs in Parada do Monte and Cubalhão.

The Melgaço Cinema Museum inaugurates the exhibition 120X160, curated by Bernard Despomadères, in which the protagonists are large size posters of cinema, collected throughout his life by Jean Loup Passek.

Hop to Melgaço, on August 3 and 4, proposes an intense weekend, which includes film projections and visits to exhibitions and the Jean Loup Passek Cinema Museum, Memória e Fronteira Museum and Prado. The usual session in Lamas de Mouro will be dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Portuguese Short Film Agency with a selection of films scheduled and presented by Eduardo Brito.