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mdoc festival

III Kino Meeting

A meeting on film literacy

Since the establishment of the Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival in 2014, the formation of audiences has been a top priority, investing in the relationship between the community and the movie theatre. The strategy is not only applied in the projection of films and debates with the filmmakers who make up the programming of each edition of the festival, but also extends to training workshops for young people and adults, seeking to complement and diversify the knowledge and cinematic experience of the participants and contributing to the promotion of interest and sensitivity for documentary film.

KINO MEETING - International meeting on film literacy is part of this strategy of broadening the training process and thinking strategies to promote literacy in moving pictures. For the third consecutive year, MDOC - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival is bringing together in Portugal institutions and specialists in Cinema education, with the purpose of fostering debate, exchanging ideas and reflecting on the importance of visual literacy in moving pictures.

The third edition of KINO MEETING: this year is dedicated to reflecting on the archives as elements of construction of the story and memory, as raw material for building narratives in an educational context. Here, the archives are comprehensively understood and presented in different materials. We do not refer only to films or filmed material, but to all the materials that may constitute the story of each film: scripts, scene photographs, promotional material such as posters and billboards, wardrobe, props, etc. The Cinema thus presents itself with a function of storage of the memory in movement, its own memory that time modifies from a look on the past, either through the preservation of moments or the reminiscence of sensations. These are the materials that materialize the imaginary and the collective memory, that build and rebuild a transformed story.

As in previous editions, participation is free, but subject to prior registration.


01 August . Thursday

Hour Activity Location
10h00 Presentations and introductory notes Solar do Alvarinho
Archive - preservation and dissemination challenges
10h15 Tiago Baptista - ANIM (Portugal) Solar do Alvarinho
10h45 Yolanda Ribas Velazquez - Filmoteca de Catalunya (Spain) Solar do Alvarinho
11h15 Intermission -
Building Animation from Files
11h30 Jean-Baptiste Garnero - Centre National du Cinèma et de L’image Animée (France) Solar do Alvarinho
12h10 Abi Feijó - Casa Museu de Vilar (Portugal) Solar do Alvarinho
12h30 Lunch -
Educate with (and for) files
14h30 Jurek Sehrt - Deutsche Kinemathek . Berlin (Germany) Solar do Alvarinho
15h00 Neva Cerantola - Cinemateca Portuguesa (Portugal) Solar do Alvarinho
15h30 Graça Lobo e Isa Mateus - Cineclube de Faro (Portugal) Solar do Alvarinho
16h00 Bernard Despomadères e Eduardo Brito - Museu do Cinema de Melgaço (Portugal) Solar do Alvarinho
16h30 Tânia Dinis presentation of the results of the workshop promoted during the week with children from Melgaço Solar do Alvarinho

02 August . Friday

Hour Activity Location
Workshop Images that tell Stories . Tânia Dinis

HOW MANY STORIES CAN AN IMAGE HAVE? From personal or institutional archives, we will explore various materials and techniques for the appropriation of this material, which through assembly, implementing collages, word of mouth, and objects, we can tell a story and an image.

Solar do Alvarinho