04 August
...17 October

Sede da Junta de Freguesia da Gave
Luís Miguel Portela

Impermanence, or, of life by these brandas

Luís Miguel Portela | Portugal, 2018

Challenged to revisit the materials of the 2017 "Plano Frontal" residency four years later, which resulted in the exhibition "Impermanence, or, da memória da vida de Brandeiro", the author now intends to deepen this first look at the life of brandeiros in Aveleira. Wrapped in the same original doubt about what it really means to be a brandeiro, this new work frees itself from the initial search for the memory of the past by assuming, in addition to photographic subtleties, that it is also in the present that the details that characterize the impermanent life of the brandas in the parish of Gave can be found.

  • Date: 04 August / 17 October 2021
  • Location: Sede da Junta de Freguesia da Gave
Luís Miguel Portela
Luís Miguel Portela

Born in Loulé, 1979. Moved to Lisbon in 1997 to study Economics, starting a career in the field. In 2009, however, he changed his live to devote himself to traveling, writing and photography. Among others, he completed a round the world trip without flying in 2016, which he documents in photography. On his return to Lisbon he enrolls in the ETIC photography course, finished in 2017, and currently works in the field. Luís has two participations in the "Plano Frontal" photography residency, in 2017 and 2018, working on the latter as well as being a film resident.