Jean-Loup Passek

Best Documentary


  1. The Jean-Loup Passek Awards will take place within the scope of MDOC – Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival (from 29th July to 4th August).
  2. MDOC – Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival will select for 2024, documentaries under the themes of identity, memory and border. All films must express the author's point of view on aspects related to social, individual, cultural and identity issues
  3. Films will be eligible for competition only if completed after January 1st, 2023.
  4. The entry deadline for films submissions is May 19th 2024.
  5. Submission methods:
    1. Use online platforms:

      Film Freeway


      Entry fee (per film): 7 euros

  6. The films should have english subtitles, except for english-speaking films
  7. Feature length films (duration equal to or longer than 60 minutes) and short or medium length films (duration equal to or shorter than 60 minutes) may compete.
  8. MDOC will inform all the participants of decisions made by the film selection committee. Upon notification of acceptance to the festival, you have the next week to send us the following:
    1. By email ot

      • Link to download the movie file with english subtitles (Full HD / 25fps / 30 Mbps / audio stereo);

      • Two stills of the film;

      • A director's head shot;

      • Director's short and filmography;

      • Technical specs, cast and crew

      • Dialogue lists in English

      • Trailer

      • Synopsis

      • Previous festivals and awards.

    2. By mail:

      • MDOC – Festival Internacional de Documentário de Melgaço
      AO NORTE – Associação de Produção e Animação Audiovisual
      Praça D. Maria II, 113, R/C
      4900–489 Viana do Castelo, Portugal

      • Promotional materials (Posters, flyers, cards or others)

  9. The Official Jury will be composed by cultural and artistic personalities of renowned merit. The IFFS Jury – International Federation of Film Societies is composed by film society activists from any country of the world, selected among the nominations from national Federations of Film Societies.
  10. The Jean-Loup Passek Awards, given to the films directors, consist of a trophy and the following cash awards:

    • Best International Feature Length Film – 3.000 euros

    • Best International Short or Medium Length Film – 1.500 euros

    • Best Portuguese Documentary - 1.000 euros (Portuguese Producing and/or directing of films)

    The Don Quijote Award is a prize from the IFSS – International Federation of Film Societies given in selected Festivals. The prize consists of the Don Quijote Diploma.

  11. The Portuguese films competing in the Festival are also in the running for the Jean-Loup Passek award for Best Portuguese Documentary.
  12. After selection, the Festival will reserve the rights to use three minutes of footage for the purpose of promoting MDOC on T V, radio, internet, as well as the promotional materials for the film in the promotion of the Festival.
  13. All decisions reached by the jury are final and may not be contested or appealed.
  14. All entries of films made to MDOC presuppose knowledge of and acceptance of this regulations.
  15. The Festival Board will decide on all matters not covered by this regulation.