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mdoc filmes do homem



MDOC - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival, organized by the Melgaço Town Hall and the AO NORTE Association, intends to promote and disclose social and ethnographic cinema, reflecting with the films about identity, memory and border and to contribute for an audiovisual archive about the region.

Known as FILMES DO HOMEM until 2018, the Festival will adopt from this sixth edition the designation MDOC - Melgaço International Documentary Film Festival.

MDOC/2019 is marked by the main components:

  • Programming from a competitive exhibition of documentaries in the running for the Jean Loup Passek award. MDOC will select documentaries that reflect the author’s point of view on social, individual and cultural issues related with identity, memory and border.
  • Summer Course Fora de Campo - Off the Screen, a meeting for reflection, debate and development of research and creative practices in the Social Sciences, Arts and Communication Sciences, around the theme Identity and Memory-Contemporary Narratives.
  • Plano Frontal - Frontal Shot, film and photography residencies that produce documentaries and photography projects about the region in each edition of the festival.
  • Kino Meeting: A meeting on film literacy.
  • Who are we here?, a project that interrogates the territory and local society, this year dedicated to Prado, a parish in the municipality of Melgaço